Bring Wood Fired Pizza to Luna Valley Farm!

This fall we plan to open up Luna Valley Farm to the public for one night a week - join us Fridays for farm fresh pizza, made with local, organic ingredients from our gardens and pastures. 

From March 1 - 31, join us in raising $15,000 through Kickstarter to bring this rural pizzeria to life.

We are grateful to the many family and friends who contributed over $20,000 during the month of February to this venture. Thank you for believing in us and for your enthusiasm about this project. We couldn't be doing this without you.

Read our full story, see our rewards and watch our video on our Kickstarter page.

Thank you for your support!

What the heck is a pizza farm?

Never been to a pizza farm? Let us paint you a picture. After experiencing one for the first time, you begin to plan your weeks around being able to leave work early on a Friday just so you can hop in the car and hit the gravel roads that will take you to the place you have been waiting all week to visit. You arrive, park in a pasture and join the others, some of whom are other weekly regulars and others who are coming for the first time. Together, you make the journey along the edge of the field to the barn where you find a chalkboard containing the pizzas of the week. You stand there wondering how you are ever going to choose but finally you decide on the pizza with farm-raised bacon, apples, onion and cheddar. You know it is going to be delicious. While you wait for your pizza (which in the summer may take over an hour) you stake your claim by spreading out a blanket on the grass. Beer in hand, you experience the beauty of the valley, reconnect with old friends and greet the farm animals as you walk around the field roads and pastures. You wander back to the barn where you watch pizzas cooking in the wood fired oven and realize one of them is yours! In a matter of minutes your pizza is ready. You take it over to your picnic blanket which just happens to be next to a few friends. You can't wait to crack open the box. You take your first bite and think to yourself, "now that's how food is supposed to taste." You keep eating your pizza and, for a moment, forget about all the problems of the world. Life is good. You linger for awhile, catching up with friends and listening to the sounds of the live band. Then you hop back in your car and head back to town, already longing for next Friday.

Kickstarter Rewards

  • $1 or more: Love and Updates
  • $5 or more: Luna Valley Farm Sticker
  • $25: One pizza for you.
  • $35: Pizza, sticker and hand-written note for a friend!
  • $50: Name a lamb
  • $100: Soft Opening Ticket (1) - sold out!
  • $125: Half Luna Community Supported Pizza Membership - 2017 (5 pizzas)
  • $150: Soft Opening Tickets (2) - sold out!
  • $225: Community Supported Pizza (CSP) Membership - 2017 Season (1 pizza/week)
  • $325: Half Luna Community Supported Pizza Membership - 2018 (13 pizzas)
  • $400: CSP Membership - 2017 Season (2 pizzas/week)
  • $500: Picnic in the Pasture with up to 8 friends
  • $650: CSP Membership - 2018 Season (1 pizza/week)
  • $1500: Private Party for up to 25 guests
  • $2500: Private Party for up to 50 guests
  • $10,000: The (Luna)tic (i.e. Luna Valley Lifer) - Pizza for Life!