Farm Store

The following products are available for purchase from Luna Valley Farm. Thank you for supporting our farm through your purchases of meat, gift certificates and other products. 


grass Fed Lamb

Our lambs are born on pasture and spend their life grazing pastures on our farm and around the neighborhood. They are moved each and every day to fresh pasture and are occasionally fed small grains like organic oats or wheat in the fall as temperatures drop and pasture becomes more scarce.

You can buy Luna Valley Lamb directly from our farm on pizza nights. We sell direct to consumer in whole or half bundles. If you are interested in lamb, please make your purchase online at least 24 hours before coming out for pizza and we will have it ready for you to pick up when you come.

Whole Lamb Bundle - $250 ($284 value)
Our whole lamb bundle is a great value for lamb connoisseurs looking to stock up on a local favorite.

  • Two #3.5 Legs of lamb or equivalent in leg of lamb chops
  • #6 Chops (Loin and/or Rib)
  • #3 Leg of Lamb Chops
  • #12 Ground Lamb
  • #4 Stew Meat

Half Lamb Bundle - $130 ($142 value)
Our half lamb bundle consists of sixteen pounds of our tasty grass-fed lamb.

  • One #3.5 Leg of lamb or equivalent in leg of lamb chops
  • #3 Chops (Loin and/or Rib)
  • #1.5 Leg of Lamb Chops
  • #6 Ground Lamb
  • #2 Stew Meat

You can find our lamb for sale at the Oneota Community Co-op and on the menu at Ede's and the Angry Pickle Restaurant in Decorah. 

Note: Lamb bundles must be picked up at the farm on pizza nights. In the off season, another arrangement can be made. Shipping is not available.



Our pigs spend their entire lives outside and are fed organic corn and barley grown on our farm, organic milk from Tom's parents' dairy up the road and non GMO soybean meal. 

Whole Hog
$2.50/pound hanging weight (approx. 180-220 pounds) + processing

Half Hog
$3.00/pound hanging weight + processing

Starting in 2018 we will also be retailing various cuts of pork on pizza nights.

Please contact us if you are interested in a whole or half hog.


Gift Certificates

We offer gift certificates in the denomination of your choosing. Recipients of gift certificates can use them to purchase grass fed lamb bundles, pizza, drinks (or even straw bales!). Whether you are the parent of a Luther student wanting to gift a relaxing study break on a Friday evening, family member of someone living in Decorah or gifting a friend a Decorah getaway, keep us in mind! We will do our best to make sure your loved one has a special experience. 



We grow a diversity of small grains, including wheat, oats and barley and often have straw from all of these crops on hand. Our straw is great for mulching garden beds and pathways in the spring and throughout the summer. Many customers also use our straw as bedding for their backyard chicken coops, to create straw bale gardens or to mulch garlic in the fall.

$5.00 per bale (delivered)*
$4.50 per bale (picked up at the farm)

*Delivery is not always available. It depends on number of bales and time of year. Please contact us if you are interested in straw.