Luna Valley Farm

 Our pigs spend their entire lives outside in a deep bedded system and are fed organic corn and soybean meal, organic milk from Tom's parents' dairy up the road and special treats like acorns, butternut squash and apples. All of our pork is processed at a a local locker and is free of gluten, msg and dyes. No funky stuff here. Just delicious pork, the way it should be. Our pork is perhaps most famous for it’s appearance on our pizzas - you’ll find it in the form of sausage, bacon, canadian bacon and brats! Retail cuts are available from our retail meat case on Friday nights during pizza season or by appointment any time throughout the year. We are happy to deliver to Decorah during the Winter if that’s most convenient for you.


fresh air pork - retail cuts

Bacon - $12.00/lb
Ham - $6.00/lb
Sliced Ham - $6.00/lb
Pork Chops or Pork Loin- $8.00/lb
Pork Tenderloin - $8.00/lb
Brats - $8.00/lb
Hocks- $6.00/lb
Roast- $7.00/lb
Ground Pork and Italian Sausage are not for sale because we need it all for pizza!


pork by the whole or half

Interested in sourcing delicious locally produced pork raised with love and organic feed? We thought so. Every year we raise a few extra pigs to share with customers looking to stock up the freezer with delicious pork.

Whole Hog
$3.50/pound hanging weight (approx. 180-220 pounds) + processing
(23% discount from retail price)

Half Hog
$4.00/pound hanging weight + processing (approx. 90-110 pounds) + processing
(14% discount from retail price)

Complete our wholesale reservation form to reserve your whole or half hog. A deposit ($100 for half, $200 for whole) is due at the time of reservation and can be sent by mail to our farm or paid on pizza nights. Hogs will be ready late Fall/early Winter. When you purchase a whole or half hog you have the chance to work directly with the locker to get the cuts that you know you'll love!