Luna Valley Farm








We are an organic farm in Decorah, Iowa growing organic crops, grazing sheep and cattle on pasture, powering our farm and home with the sun, and growing deep roots in our community.


We love bringing people together over good food, especially when we can share ingredients we’ve grown here at Luna Valley Farm.




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Our Roots


Growing up just a half mile up the road from Luna Valley Farm, Tom always knew he wanted to farm. He built upon his experience with organic dairy farming in college where he studied agriculture. Tom enjoys canoeing, skiing, traveling and turning ingredients raised on the farm into meals for family and friends.



After a youth spent in rural Wisconsin Maren attended Luther College in Decorah where she studied Environmental Studies and Spanish. She fell in love with the area and went on to earn a Masters of Science in Sustainable Food Systems and joined the team at Luther College as the Assistant Director for the Center for Sustainable Communities. Maren enjoys hanging out with the sheep, hosting dinner parties, growing vegetables and traveling the world.


Our Philosophy

We believe:

  • working together creates resilliance in our communities and food systems

  • diversity in crops and proper rotation of crop families keeps a farm healthy

  • the best fertilizer is a farmer’s footprints – walking the fields is a great way to learn

  • in facing the challenges the world presents through improvement and care

  • quiet evenings on the porch and meals with friends are just as valuable as spontaneous adventures

We do our best to carefully think through our farming choices to ensure that we are considering the health of the soil, waterways and ecosystems for our neighbors and for generations to come.