Luna Valley Farm

Retail Lamb Cuts

Our lamb is 100% grass fed and finished on our lush pastures and rich stored forage. Lambs are born on pasture in May and move daily to fresh pastures with their mamas, returning to the same piece of ground only every 6 weeks. Frequent pasture rotations are good for both the health of our animals and the health of our land. We’ve been raising sheep for over 10 years and continue to learn about better ways of managing our flock. You can be assured that our lambs are never fed grain or administered antibiotics or any other funky stuff. All of our lamb packages are vacuum sealed to ensure a good quality product that will last in your freezer, but we can almost guarantee you’ll eat it too fast to test the quality of the packaging.

Ground Lamb - $11.00/lb
Leg of Lamb - $11.00/lb
Stew Meat - $11.00/lb
Loin Chops - $15.00/lb
Rack of Lamb - $15.00/lb (available on the menu at Rubaiyat)
Shanks - $7.00/lb
Liver, Heart, Tongue - $4.00/lb

You can purchase our lamb from the Oneota Coop or directly from our farm. From May - October we invite you to shop for meat on pizza nights but we always welcome you out to the farm by appointment and often are happy to deliver to Decorah.


Lamb Shares (Bulk)

Love lamb? So do we! We’ve put together a few bundles to help you save money on retail prices while filling your freezer with your favorite 100% grass finished lamb cuts. Email us with questions or to place your order.

Whole Lamb Share - $230
The whole lamb share contains 27 pounds of our grass finished lamb and saves you 25% off retail prices.
6# Leg of Lamb Roasts (2-3lbs each)
5# Loin Chops
10# Ground
4# Stew Meat
2# Shanks
heart, liver, tongue (optional)

Half Lamb Share - $130
The half lamb share contains 12.5 pounds of our grass finished lamb and saves you 15% off off retail prices
3# Leg of Lamb Roast
2# Loin Chops
5# Ground
2# Stew Meat
0.75# Shanks

Where to find our lamb:

Edes Angry Pickle
La Rana Bistro
Luna Valley Farm
Oneota Community Food Coop