Retail Lamb Cuts

Our lamb is 100% grass finished on our lush pastures and stored forage. Lambs are born on pasture in May and moved to fresh pasture daily and we give our pastures at least a five week break before the sheep will graze the same spot again. This management strategy is good for the sheep and good for our pastures. We’ve had sheep for over 10 years and are always learning about the best ways to manage our flock and think you’ll love the freshness and flavor of the lamb we produce.

Retail Prices
Leg of Lamb - $11.00/lb
Rib or Loin Chops - $15.00/lb
Lamb Rack - $15.00/lb (the majority of our racks are sold to Rubaiyat - go enjoy one there!)
Stew Meat - $11.00/lb
Ground Lamb - $11.00/lb
Shanks - $7.00/lb
Heart, Tongue, Liver - $4.00/lb

Retail cuts of our lamb can be purchased at the Oneota Food Coop or directly from our farm on pizza nights from May-October or other time by appointment.